The New Normal: Anthony Walsh

A feature article for Good Salon Guide on Back to Business Section. 

Every so often we receive inquiries as to how we operate given the current circumstances. Now that the curfew has eased in Dubai and more shops are allowed to open, we are glad to be sharing with everyone that our brand stays committed to prioritising our clients’ and team’s safety.

We have made a few adjustments in the business along the way since we reopened. I have always been hands on in the salon with day to day operations, and we have everyone involved making sure that we look out for our clients and each other while following all the safety measures in place. We take time to enhance the customer experience to provide the best hair care and business solutions in the safest way we can. Whether it is introducing a new platform or continuously educating our team, at MANE we are always eagerly seeking ways to further communicate our personalised customer service and commitment to expertise.

Our hygiene procedure has been strict and never compromised since the day we opened our doors in 2017. We continue to operate at 30% capacity and all clients will receive a reminder two days before their appointments to wear a facial mask, come alone to the appointment and be aware of all guidelines to expect on their visit.

We have launched our new online shop platform that sends rescue within the day whenever someone runs out of their hair care products or would like to explore their home hair care solutions.

Now salon visits may look a bit different from what everyone is used to with seats positioned 2 metres apart, but the laughter and chit chat is still going strong; and the sound of our hairdryers on full blast still occupies the space. Creating your home away from home has always been at the heart of what we do. You will still look and feel fantastic with your new hair and we can say that after all the waiting, everything is good. Now salon visits can be more trusting and more personal.

As a salon owner, I always believed that change brings opportunity. We are not looking at this as a problem for the business but as an opportunity to make a change.

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